Additional Teacher Resources

The High School Cybersecurity Workshop's mission is to help introduce cybersecurity concepts to the next generation of professionals. Toward that effort we offer additional resources beyond our annual workshop. Currently, classes are only available in parts of Maryland/DC/Virginia.  For questions about courses outside of this area, please email


One hour class

This is an introductory guest lecture targeted at grades 9-12. It provides a high-level overview of cybersecurity concepts.

This course is offered for free as time and schedule allow. Requestors must provide a location for the course that supports projection/display of a computer.


One day class

This is a hands-on workshop targeted for high school students and/or teachers. This course covers an introduction to the following topics:

  • Overview of cybersecurity ethics and legal concepts

  • Basic network scanning

  • Virtualization fundamentals

  • Basic vulnerability exploitation

  • Basic system hardening/patching

This course requires the students to provide their own laptops and pay for cloud computing resources (approximately $4 per student as of January 2019). The requestor must also provide a location that supports projection/display of a computer and wifi. 


How do I request a course?

Please fill out the web form below to request a class. Classes are dependent on lecturer availability.

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